Doing business with Bhutan

Many businesses appear to lose sight of small markets and small countries.  Although Bhutan is a small country it has a vast potential.  There is much that can be explored given its proximity to India.

People & Change

The first step to any change in an organisation or a living system lies first in people - their minds, hearts and soul need to be in sync for any change to be welcomed.


We are on the lookout for partnering with entrepreneurs and organisations in the fields of wellness, food and alternate healing technologies.

Our reason for existence

Think of us as an idea lab that assists you in exploring and strategising your ideas in the context of doing business with Bhutan or people or in the health and wellness space.  The joy of visualising and creating is something that is central to our life.  We hope that you will share some of the ideas as we share ours and that some of these ideas can come to fruition.