Dreammaker Ventures

Inspire. Collaborate. Create.

We are an idea lab. We collaborate with our partners to explore ideas and develop strategy to enable growth. We receive joy from creating businesses, and aim to co-create new businesses that are financially sound while simultaneously also doing good for people and the planet.


Catalyst in creating awareness in the potential of doing business with Bhutan, assisting in conceptualization of an idea, local partner search, to its execution as a business.


Outsourced finance and accounting services to foreign companies by enterprises set up in Bhutan tech parks and with support from experienced Chartered Accountants from India.


We design the technology blueprint that is aligned with an existing corporate and sales strategy, to implement solutions for any business that aspires to go beyond linear growth.


A service that encompasses a wide range of initiatives like leadership counseling, team collaboration sessions, bridging cultural gaps to reinvent organizations through people.

We are a geographically diverse team working in N America, Europe, India, and Bhutan with a breadth of professional skills including in cross-border investments, technology, people, and culture.

Sapan Parekh
Sapan is the former CEO of SKP, a 1,200 strong accounting firm servicing customers around the world. Sapan works with customers to develop strategy and helps international companies doing business in Bhutan and India.
Passang Dorji
Passang leads all our efforts in Bhutan. He has served as Board Director at DHI, Bank of Bhutan, Drukair, and Bhutan National Bank. He gets things done
Vishal Apte

Vishal has over 25 years of experience managing capital, advising customers, and executing transactions around the world.

Previously, Vishal was a Managing Director at BNP Paribas & Barclays where he managed portfolios valued in excess of $1bn.

Prativa Gulrajani
Prativa comes with over 25 years of experience in enabling people to bridge gaps in their functioning through her holistic style of coaching and counselling.
Prasad Mahadevan
Prasad has over 20 years experience in technology roles with various companies and is passionate about leveraging technology and data to grow businesses.