Our Philosophy

The word "business" to us is a means to wellbeing of society and earth.  While no endeavour of Man is perfect one can certainly aspire to create products or services that minimise damage to this wonderful planet.

"Money" to us is a lubricant and not an end goal of creating projects or solutions to the myriad problems that plague our civilization.





Our Story

We are inspired by the culture of Bhutan and the immense opportunities it offers to the discerning investor and entrepreneur.  We bring to the table over 20 years of growing a small accounting firm in India to a large professional services group and feel that many of the same energies and experiences in a different context are applicable to growing a business in Bhutan.

And the heart of growth lies in people and culture.  Reinventing companies inside out is a continuous learning process and we believe we can add value to any organisation that is interested in growing a heart and relationship oriented culture.  It is often these "soft" things which cant be measured that can power an idea to greatness.




Meet the Team


Sapan Parekh


Sapan comes from a background of driving growth from a space that is not marketing or sales driven.  This was demonstrated through growing a local CPA firm in India with 30 staff to 1,000 people strong diversified professional services group servicing international companies.  He has a gift for strategic thinking and has more than 20 years of assisting international companies doing business in India.


Prativa Pradhan

Food Alchemist and Life Coach

Prativa is gifted in tracing the patterns and the psychological roots of attitudes and behaviours and is able to get to the root of blocks that hinder growth of a human being.  Her work is invaluable in assisting individuals and organisations in manifesting their intent.


Prasad Mahadevan

North America Lead

Prasad has over 20 years experience in technology roles from a strategic perspective with various companies.  His advise is not only useful from a technology standpoint in various projects but as a keen observer of human nature and the world at large he has insights into its impact on people and organisations.  Based near New York City he is our go to man for anything to do with the US marketplace


Jamyang Tashi

Bhutan -  The Man on the Ground

Jamyang Tashi is the managing partner of QED Group, an independent think tank based in Thimphu. His work focuses primarily on economic policy and business development. He has previously worked as a program officer at the Bhutan Foundation and as a researcher at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC. Jamyang is a graduate of Coby College in Waterville, ME, where he studied Economics.

Next Steps...

Please feel free to drop in an email if there are any ideas that interest you in relation to the above areas.