Idea Lab

Think of us as an idea lab that assists you in exploring and strategising your ideas in the context of growing your business.

The joy of visualising and creating is something that is central to our life.

Perhaps in this co-creation we can create businesses that contribute to not only the financial economy but also to the wellbeing of society and earth.

We are a team based in India, UK, USA and Bhutan that have brought our collective professional experience in cross border investments, technology, people and culture development to assist in scaling up businesses and towards establishing businesses in Bhutan.







Meet the Team


Sapan Parekh

Seeker, Thinker, Creator

Sapan comes from an entrepreneurial background.  This was demonstrated through growing a local CPA firm in India with 30 staff to 1,000 people strong diversified professional services group servicing international companies.  He has a gift for strategic thinking and has more than 20 years of assisting international companies doing business in India.  He is a frequent traveller to Bhutan and has been studying opportunities across industries.


Prasad Mahadevan

Digital sales and Technology

Prasad has over 20 years experience in technology roles from a strategic perspective with various companies. He is passionate about leveraging technology and data to grow businesses.  Based near New York City he is our go to man for anything to do with the US marketplace and assisting US companies looking to do business with Bhutan


Prativa Pradhan

Awakening Essence

Prativa has more than 25 years of experience in enabling people to bridge gaps in their functioning and bring about clarity in the way they think, feel, act through her holistic style of coaching and counselling.  Her work is invaluable in assisting individuals and organisations in manifesting their intent.


Passang Dorji

The Man on the Ground

Passang is our chief engagement lead for any projects in Bhutan.  Passang has over fifteen years of corporate finance and management experience, and significant knowledge of Bhutan’s investment landscape. He last served as the Director of Investments at Druk Holding and Investment (the investment arm of the Royal Government of Bhutan) where he worked on investments across various sector. He has now taken the same passion into private sector investing in companies in diverse sector including hospitality, agriculture and ICT. Passang also serves as a Board Director on public sector companies such as Bhutan National Bank and Druk Air Corporation. 


Jamyang Tashi


Jamyang Tashi is our go to person for any consulting projects.  He has been the managing partner of QED Group, an independent think tank based in Thimphu where his work focused primarily on economic policy and business development. He has previously worked as a program officer at the Bhutan Foundation and as a researcher at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC. Jamyang is a graduate of Coby College in Waterville, ME, where he studied Economics.


William Tacon

The Bhutan Business Guide

William has been a frequent traveller to Bhutan and has actively helped several entrepreneurs in developing their business ideas.  He has impeccable credentials in his ability and experience to advise foreign companies looking to do business with Bhutan and has created excellent relationships with diverse spectrum of people and businesses in Bhutan.  He retired as a senior partner with Ernst & Young, British Virgin Islands and is a member of the Board of the Bhutan Foundation.

Next Steps...

Please feel free to drop in an email if there are any ideas that interest you in relation to the above areas.